6. Swarms

Kenney Bees LOVES to collect swarms. If you call us about a honey bee swarm and we collect it, then we will give you 1 pound of honey for helping us help the bees! Please do not call us about wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, bumble bees, etc.. We only deal with honey bee swarms. 
Please call Kenney Bees if you see a swarm at: 970-462-7025
Bee/Wasp/Hornet Identification Graphic
Photo Credit: Alex Surcica

Here is what a swarm of honeybees looks like:
(Note these are pictures from actual swarms in the Grand Valley)
Fruit Tree Redlands      Palisade Area           26th + Patterson Area        East Redlands
Orchard Mesa
Fruit tree Patterson +             Pear Tree in west Redlands
27.5 Rd area
Large Swarm by Monument Rd
Downtown GJ                  Medical Office Building       Park bench in Canyon View Park
north of Grand Ave        by St. Mary's Hospital

This is how you have to drive home with a swarm if
you don't do a good job sealing them up before you
put them in your car!

Do you have a feral colony in a tree or structure that needs to be relocated? That is not a swarm, that is a cut-out. Please call the Western Colorado Beekeeper's Association swarm line for cut-out requests. Note that only a few Beekeepers perform cut-outs because they are very difficult and there is typically a charge for said service.