1. About Us

Kenney Bees LLC was founded in 2018 by Marc and Suzanne Kenney when Marc's beekeeping hobby evolved into more than just a hobby. 

Marc started keeping bees in 2015 after reading every beekeeping book he could get through the County Library system and taking Jack Moore's Level 1 & 2 Beekeeping classes at Western Colorado Community College. Marc quickly discovered swarms and learned how to make splits. So two hives became five, then eight, and soon the hobby was more than a hobby. Marc's favorite part of beekeeping is collecting swarms, but a close second is tasting fresh honey. Marc completed the University of Montana Master Beekeeper Certification in 2020. 

Marc has been a board member of the Western Colorado Beekeeper's Association since 2016. He was the Media Officer under then President Howdy Martsolf and is currently Vice President under President Jack Moore.
Marc doing what he loves ... collecting a swarm! Photo credit Lee Gelatt.

Marc's beeyard helper is Micah, the spotter of queens. 
Micah looking for a queen.

The Queen Bee is Marc's lovely and supportive wife Suzanne.
Super Sue with Chaco on the summit of Peak 10.

Outside of Beekeeping Marc is a civil engineer and was the 2019 Colorado Cyclocross State Champion in the Men's Cat 4 40-50 category. For fun Marc bikes, hikes, backpacks, hunts, and fishes. As of the end of summer 2018 Marc was 1/2 way through hiking Colorado's Centennial Peaks (highest 100 peaks in Colorado).