4. Bees For Sale

Honeybee Packages  
Updated January 2021 - Kenney Bees and Sticky Bear Apiary are teaming up to provide 3# honeybee packages from Smith Apiary of Paradise California and Lander Wyoming. The cost is $145 for a 100% deposit, $160 for a 50% deposit, and we may have a limited number available for $200 cash at the time of pickup. Carniolan or Italian queens are available. Order deadline is April 18th or until we are sold out, whichever happens first. The pickup date is Saturday, April 24th in Grand Junction CO in the CSU Extension parking lot at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. Packages must be picked up by 10 am. Packages not picked up by 10 am will be sold starting at 10:05 unless arrangements have been made for a late pickup. The following additional services are available upon request and arrangement at least one week prior to pickup: late pickup, mite treatment, and package installation. The cost(s) of the additional services vary due to individual needs and locations so please contact us for a quote.

Seller responsibilities and obligations:
Packages will be in good condition upon pickup with minimal dead bees and a good cluster of bees around the queen cage. Queen type will be the buyer's choice. In the unlikely event that it is discovered to be dead in her cage during package installation said queen will be replaced as long as the queen cage has NOT been opened. The buyer must contact the seller within 24 hours of pickup if a dead queen is discovered. Replacement queens will need to be picked up by the buyer from the seller. In 2020 we made 2 replacements with over 200 sales. So it can happen, but it is unlikely and if it does happen, we have you covered.

Buyer responsibilities and obligations:
Packages are picked up by 10 am. Late pickup is available for a fee and must be arranged with the seller ahead of time. The package becomes the sole responsibility of the buyer upon pickup and must be installed on the day of pickup. The Seller shall inspect the queen prior to opening the queen cage and installation of the package. Immediately notify the seller if the queen is dead and a replacement is required (do not open the queen cage as that voids the warranty!). 

Queens from Smith Apiary will also be available. Costs have not yet been determined. Prices will be based on the current market value for the number of queens ordered (likely $40 per queen). 

To reserve your packages send a check payable to Kenney Bees to 280 Little Park Road, Grand Junction, CO. Please include your email address and phone number on the check so we can contact you. We will confirm receipt of payment with an email. Alternatively, payments can be made via Venmo (@Marc_Kenney_Bees). Please include all of your contact information when making a purchase so we can email you a receipt and contact you should we need to do so.

Kenney Bees may have local queens and local splits (i.e., nucs) from over-wintered Kenney Bees hives. Please contact us for availability.

We will be grafting and raising a limited number of local queens from select breeder stock. The main focus of the breeder stock is mite resistance (i.e., queens from hives with low mite counts). Mated local queens are $50 per queen. Email Marc@Kenneybees.com for more information or availability.

Nucleus Colonies ("Nucs") from over-wintered Kenney Bees  
Kenney Bees may have a limited number of 5-frame nucs for sale from our spring splits. These nucs will be queened with a locally raised, accepted, and laying Kenney Bee queen. Nucs will be made up as follows: one frame of honey, one brood frame with capped & uncapped brood, one brood frame of eggs and uncapped brood, one drawn frame (brood and/or stores), and one empty frame that may be undrawn or only partially drawn at the time of pickup. We will confirm an acceptable lay pattern by the queen prior to selling the nuc and the buyer is welcome to view the queen's lay pattern prior to pickup. Kenney Bee Nucs are $250 due at the time of pick-up. For more information or availability please email Marc@Kenneybees.com