2. Our Hives

Our hives are located in the Redlands area, north of the City, and Palisade. Our bees are a combination of over-wintered bees, swarms, and purchased bees. Our girls are gentle and mild-tempered. 

Our winter losses vary but have greatly reduced with the knowledge gained through the University of Montana's Master Beekeeper course-work. In the fall we make sure our hives have the 60-80 lbs of honey they will need for food resources to get through winter. We do regular varroa mite counts and treat once treatment thresholds have been exceeded. To date, we have kept to organic treatments such as oxallic acid, formic acid, and thymol gel.

Kenney Bees Home Apiary
Bearding bees in the afternoon shade.
Marc visiting with the ladies.

West Redlands Apiary (shared with Sticky Bear (Jack Moore))
Bear fences protect all our hard work.

Pictures from the bee yard
New comb ... which was unfortunately                                     All hail the queen!
attached to the inner cover and not a frame.
A nice early spring frame full of brood and                           Capped brood, uncapped brood, eggs, and
wet honey.                                                                                    lots of bees.
Cleansing flights on a warm winter day.                                Taking a rest on a helping hand.