3. Our Honey

We have local honey for sale. All honey we sell was made by our bees. We sell raw honey that has passed through a 1,000 micron sieve. The Sieve is used to remove large pieces of wax, pollen, and bee parts, that naturally get into the honey during the extraction process. We have honey from bee yards in Redlands, north of the City, and Palisade.  

2021 Pricing:

Creamed Honey (regular or cinnamon)
1/2 Pint Glass Jar (8 oz) $10.00
            Creamed Honey                            Un-creamed vs Creamed

Creamed honey is pure honey that has been "crystallized" into crystals so small they are smooth to the pallet. Creamed honey does not crystallize into a solid block and has a consistency similar to cream cheese or whipped butter. 

Raw Local Western Colorado Honey
16 oz (1# Plastic Squeeze Bottle) $10.00
20 oz (Glass 1 Pint Jar) $15

Honey is sold by weight (16 oz = 1 pound).
Repeat customers get a $1.00 credit for each returned glass jar.
Pure natural honey will crystallize over time. How fast it crystallizes depends on many factors including, but not limited to: the nectar source, temperature, water content, etc.. To un-crystallize honey place it in a water bath and warm the honey to 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit until the crystals dissolve/liquefy. If honey is heated above 140F, it will start to break down and lose its natural properties.

Bulk Local Western Colorado Honey (>20#s)
As of January 2021 we have bulk honey available for sale. Please contact us for pricing and details.